Our Story

Located at a “not-too-busy” section of Thao Dien, COW MEE INN is a cozy restaurant that brings satisfaction to every senses of yours. Our delicated interior, our perfect dining atmosphere and most of all, our most authentic Taiwanese Beef Noodle promise an unforgettable meal you’ve ever had.

Our Beef Noodle is prepared from finest materials, cooked in a lengthy 12 hours period, by our chef from Taiwan. The broth is rich in nutrient with mild herbal flavor. Beef and tendon are deeply stewed in the broth which gives the result of tenderness , and a juicy taste. The process of cooking our noodle is timed precisely so it would be springy while chewing on it. All together they make a unique CMI Taiwanese Beef Noodle, a noodle that you will not want to leave a drop of soup left. (It’s recommended that you eat it at CMI for best experience.)

Besides Taiwanese Beef Noodle, CMI also serve Taiwanese signature dished, include Minced Pork Rice and Dumplings in beef broth and many other authentic Taiwanese signature dishes.

Come and experience your unforgettable moment at Cow Mee Inn!!


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